Two challenges completed - The Caledonian Canal and Lakes Kayak Challenge.

One to go this year - The sea paddle around Walney Island as quick as possible.


British Quadrathlon

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Welcome to the new LakesQuad website

The Lakes Quad web-site has been formed by Peter and Keith to further Quadrathlon in the Lake District and to raise money for charity through various sporting challenges.

Peter and Keith have been competing in Quadrathlon and multisport events for the past fourteen years after meeting at the Cockermouth Quadrathlon.

Anyone who wishes to have a go at Quadrathlon can contact Peter and Keith for training and advice .If you are just starting in the sport there are short friendly races to enter or if you are more experienced you can have a go at the British, European and World Championships.

Quadrathlon is an endurance sports event comprised of four individual disciplines .All four disciplines(swim, kayak, bike, run) are completed in succession and the lowest overall time decides the winner.

The sport of Quadrathlon has been going for approximately 20 years and has recently undergone a significant upsurge in interest in the UK The British Quadrathlon Association now run and support many races of varying distances both in the summer and winter –there web-site can be found under links..The World Quadrathlon Federation also run a series of races all over Europe and North America should you wish to venture further and maybe blend it in with a holiday-again their web-site is listed under links.

The three Championship distances in the past have been Long ,Middle and Short The Long Distance Race consists of a 5k swim, ,20k kayak,100k bike and 21k run .The middle distance is 2.5k swim, 10k kayak ,50k bike and 10k run and the short distance is exactly half the middle distance. During the last few years these distances have been tinkered with and now the Middle distance is 1.5k swim 7k kayak, 40k bike and10k run .

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