July 2009

West Coast to East Coast - Keith Longney (Kendal) and Peter Hart (Windermere) successfully completed their record attempt for charity from Seascale to Scarborough with a few obstacles in between in 13 hours 58 minutes.

The obstacles (Quadrathlon Style) were Wastwater which they paddled, Scafell which the ran up and down (Wasdale to Langdale) and Windermere which they swam across.

The record attempt took place last Saturday with a start time of 2.45am from Seascale. The temperature was a remarkable 16 degrees centigrade. The bike to Wastwater and kayak went well and they finished the kayak at the foot of Scafell just as dawn was breaking and ahead of schedule.

The run to the top of Scafell them just over 1 hour 15 minutes but once on to visibility dropped to a few yards as the mist decended. Their descent was initially slow as they had to use a map and compass as the normally well worn footpaths became invisible. Fortunately after decending for 25 minutes they came out of the mist and were able to make good time on the remainder of the descent to the old Dungeon Ghyll.

After cycling to Wray and swimming across the lake they started the cycle to Scarborough from Ambleside at 10.32am ahead of schedule and in ideal weather. They made good time to Thirsk (via Hawes) averaging 19.5 mph but after leaving the town it started to rain and the A170 lay ahead and Sutton Bank Hill.

The hilly A170 knocked their speed back but the could now see the finish line some 40 miles away. they pressed on and reached the South Harbour at Scarborough at 5.43pm. The cycle from Ambleside to Scarborough had taken them 7 hours 10 minutes at an average speed of 18mph.

The challenge had been completed non stop in a new record time of 13 hours 58 minutes with some 17 minutes to spare. They now set their sights on the World Quadrathlon Championships in the Czech Republic in August were Keith defends his vet 40 title and Peter his vet 50 title.

June 2009

Falcon Adventure Challenge - Keith returned to one of his favourite races over the Bank Holiday weekend (six times winner of the event) and Peter returned for the first time for five years after winning the vet 50 in 2004.

 The race consisted of three disciplines. A 36k bike ride followed by a 10k kayak and finishing with a 10k run. The weather conditions were ideal with warm sunny temperatures and no wind.

The race is billed as a low key friendly race but some one had forgot to tell the fifty odd competitors.

Keith had a very close race especially. He managed to gain over six minutes on his nearest rival on the bike but had a tough time on the kayak leg loosing over seven minutes to Andy Grimwood. It all came down to the run and Keith was just able to make up a couple of minutes to take the over forty's by some thirty seconds and forth overall.

Peter had a steady bike but went into the kayak leg some two minutes down. Once in the kayak however he was quickly able to get into a rhythm and take a lead of some five minutes by the end of the 10k paddle. He extended his lead on the run slightly and took the vet fifty's title by some eight minuts and 13th position overall.

World Championships (Czech Republic) - Keith and Peter returned from the Czech Republic with a gold and silver respectively after an eventful race. Temperatures before and after race day were sunny and in the high twenties but on race day itself there was torrential rain and temperatures of a chilly twelve degrees on the bike leg.
Keith had a great race emerging from the swim and kayak legs in third position he then put the hammer down on the bike gaining a comfortable lead to take into the run and was able to cruise the final leg and take the title (vet 45) by some two minutes.
Peter also had a good swim and kayak leg and started the bike second in his age group. His best bike time ever on the course brought him into contention but unfortunately he wasn’t able to run his usual 10k time and finished with a badly torn Achilles but just managed to hold onto second place

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