A little history

Quadrathlon really started in Ibiza in the early 1990’s .It was the home of the World Long distance Championships until 1999.

Ibiza was a hard act to follow as the venue was superb with the swim and Kayak in the crystal clear med followed by a spectacular bike course round the Island  and a run finishing in the heart of Ibiza town.
Hungary tried to take over for a few years staging a number of Championship races in the middle to late 90’s

However Sedlcany in the Czech Republic took over from Ibiza to become the premier race of the year during the late 90’s and has staged the World Middle Distance championship since 1999. If you want to race abroad this is the race to do!

Quadrathlon in the Lakes (history of racing in the Lakes)
Quadrathlon racing in the Lake District was centred mainly around the Cockermouth area .During the middle 90’s  the Cockermouth  Quadrathlon and later the Lakes Quadrathlon were two of the premier races on the U. K. calender.

The Cockermouth Quadrathlon was a pool based Quad centred around the Leisure Centre whilst the Lakes Quad was centred around Derwentwater.The latter involved a spectacular bike leg over Newlands and Whinlatter after swimming and Kayaking in Derwentwater

Unfortunately in the late 90’s both races folded because a number of competitors had complained about safety issues on the bike course!


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